Disco Noël

by steve on December 22, 2009

Disco Noël

Welcome to 1979 – Disco Noël

The thing I hate about the holiday season here in these United States of America is the background music.  Not that I hate the individual tunes, what raises the bile to the back of my throat is hearing the same six songs over and over again, everywhere you go, all day long.  I don’t mind novel and unusual mixes of popular songs.  It’s the repetition of the same ol’ that gets me.

Maybe you feel the same?

Well, aren’t you lucky?  Of course you are, because I have for you today Disco Noël – an mp3 version of an LP from 1979.  Yes, she is hanging disco balls on that christmas tree, because this is the most Disco of holiday tunes you and your leisure suit will ever sweat to.

On one hand these versions are cheesy and frightening.  On the other hand they are bouncy, energetic and inventive. On the continuum between bad–bad music and good–bad music, I personally place this under “good–bad”.  It appears to not be available for purchase new.  Download, share and enjoy.

Once more – Click Here to Download Disco Noël

You want a taste?  Disco Jingle Bells:

Since you’ve been so good this year I’ve located some tunes from The Year Without A Santa Claus:

The Heat Miser Song!
download Heat Miser

Snow Miser!
download Snow Miser

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