2011 Mondo Croquet World Championships and Mad Hatter Picnic

by steve on July 12, 2011

Mondo Croquet

Every year we host the Mondo Croquet World Championships and Mad Hatter Picnic.

We’ve been doing this since 1996 and along the way we’ve been chosen as Best of Portland by Willamette Week!

What is Mondo Croquet? Simple – Croquet, American style with bowling balls and sledgehammers!  Best of all, it’s darn good fun.

  • When: July 31th, High Noon until about 5pm
  • Where: (new location!) North Park Blocks – NW 8th and Everett
  • What to bring: Yourself and your sense of fun

How to prepare yourself:

  • If you have a bowling ball or sledgehammer, bring it along.  If you don’t we have plenty to lend out.  We’ve never run short.
  • It’s likely to be hot.  Bring something cool to drink.  You may wish to enjoy a lawn chair.
  • It’s also the Mad Hatter Picnic – bring a snack to share!
  • For maximum fun it’s recommended to dress appropriately in traditional lawn whites (see here) or appropriately inappropriate in something unusual yet fitting for a Mad Hatter Picnic.  Let the Mondo Croquet photo archives be your guide:http://www.mondocroquet.com

Above all, prepare to enjoy yourself.  Winning is nice, but having a good time is the best revenge.

We hope to see your there!

Contact lordpeters@tikimojo.com for more information.  Feel free to call 503-575-0815 on game day.

Dig Facebook?  Here’s our Facebook event page.  Here’s the Facebook group for the World Mondo Croquet Federation.

Want to hear about Mondo Croquet games happening in Portland and around?  Email lordpeters@gmail.com to get on the mailing list.


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