14 Things I Learned at WebVisions

by steve on May 25, 2012

Jack Bouba of Planet Argon dishes on his experience at our WebVisions conference, which just happened here in Portland.
You want it digested and quick?  Here’s his conclusions:


Puncy the Robot

The WebVisions Mascot

Here are my thoughts, in one run-on sentence: Even though I didn’t win a Creative Cloud membership or an iPad or a Kindle Fire, and even though there is a distinct possibility that Planet Argon paid for me to attend a few sessions that were little more than thinly-veiled sales pitches, WebVisions was great; in that, I met good people, I heard thought-provoking talks (as well as a couple thought-hindering ones), I got to feel a tangible sense of the oftentimes intangible web community, and I put new stuff in my brain – oh, for those counting, this only adds up to 12 things I learned at WebVisions, not 14, btw.
Part one:
Part two:
Join us next at WebVisions Barcelona!  July 4 – 7th!


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