Time for Your WiFi Not-Work to Network

by steve on March 30, 2013

Chances are that at some point you have relied on a less-than-perfect WiFi network connection.  This happens all the time at your local coffee shop, but what do you do when it’s your home WiFi?  So many people have been suckered into the low cost of Dlink and Linksys hardware which works, well “OK” most or some of the time.  Maybe that works well enough for Gramma, but what if you work from your home office and you need your network not to suck???

We are finally in luck.  Check out http://www.open-mesh.com

If your eyes haven’t already glazed over from too much techno-speak you are in luck. Open Mesh provides a low cost, plug-and-play wireless “mesh” network that will spread your internet wifi connection across your apartment, home or giant apartment complex.

If your Comcast or DSL or fiber-optic connection to your current wifi hub is working good, then you don’t need this.  However, if you are having network dropouts, dead areas with no reception, or you want to start charging your free-loading neighbors for network access… then this is your baby.

Hard to believe, but configuration is actually “plug and play”.  Should you want to play with the options everything is available via your web browser.  I’ve been building Wifi networks since 2000 and this is by far the most powerful and simple to use.

Don’t delay – check it out today!


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