MojoTimer Updated. Version 1.2.1!

by steve on August 5, 2013

Skip to the chase: Download MojoTimer 1.2.1 for OSX here.

Hello QuickBooks users.  Those of us in the “creative services” and the “technical services” are often billing our clients solely on time performed.  QuickBooks ships with a stand-alone timer for entering time, but it’s not up to snuff for those of us who need to work with numerous time entries per day.

Frankly the “QuickBooks Timer” sucks.  Also it only works in Windows – no version at all for Mac OSX.  In fact, even if you work in a Windows shop, the QuickBooks Timer hasn’t been updated since the Windows 3.1 dinosaur roamed the earth.  It’s just not very friendly for humans with work to do.

You could purchase a service that bills you monthly for what MojoTimer does for you… or you could just use MojoTimer!  Let us know how it works for you: contact us here.


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