Indiana Jones V?

by steve on October 29, 2013

I’m hearing rumors of a possible new Indiana Jones movie.  I did manage to enjoy the last one, though it couldn’t really hold a candle to the previous movies simply because an “old” Indiana Jones doing the things of a young Indiana is just not believable.  The movie has flaws, cleverly documented here, should you be interested in a humorous and very pity dissection of what makes the Indie movies work or not work.

Meanwhile…. A new movie?  Indiana Jones in the 1960’s?  What would that be like?  Here’s my take on it:

“Indiana Jones and the Summer of Love” where Indiana searches for the Lost Bong of the Hekawi Tribe amongst the hippies and biker gangs of 1967 San Francisco.

In fact, I suggest Leslie Nielson play Indiana, except he’s no longer with us.  We’ll fix it in post.  Have your assistant have lunch with my assistant.  We’ll schedule some vis-a-vis, some synergy with the elderly youth demographic.  You’re beautiful baby, totally totally money.

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