Prediction: 2015-2016

by steve on November 5, 2014

By now those of you who have followed my stock picks are relaxing on our secret luxury colonies on Saturn and Mars.  I’ve been informed by The Powers That Be that I’m allowed to say this because the idea that You Are There will be considered so ludicrously out of possibility that no one will believe my blog posts.

So for the rest of you facing the water and air conditioning riots, here’s my prediction of social investing trends for the upcoming two years.  Before Facebook there were blogs and email lists.  Facebook at it’s heart is nothing more than a blog aggregator – for people who didn’t used to have blogs.

Now that those people who didn’t previously have the ability to talk to their “social network” by something more advanced than an email list are getting weary of the restrictions of a service like Facebook I predict we’ll see a de-centralization of the blog-like personal content.  That is, services will arrive that will allow people to have their own “stream” of up-to-date posts of text/video/etc which will be their own, but will “push” out to blog aggregators like Facebook.

This may appear as “be your own facebook/twitter” service, as pitched to users, or it may appear in a more subtle fashion, but my prediction is that services will appear which service the publisher directly over the publisher network.

Stay tuned, let’s see what happens.

– Steve

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