How the Commies Have Run Everything Since Forever

by steve on November 8, 2016

What do we hear every day if we tune into the Conservative entertainment networks?

Goddamn liberal commies run the media and everything here in the USA!

Guess what?

Them goddamn commie liberals have been running gub’mnt, the media and everything since before most of us were born! How do I know?  Well, a friend gave me this instructive LP, “The Fearless American”, a recording of a talk from Dan Smoot of The Smoot Report.

lp shot

“Know that those who would restore the republic, don’t have much time left.”
– Dan Smoot, circa 1963

His big mission?  Get the conservative message out on the media.

So why do I in 2016 think this item from the early 60’s a worthwhile thing to listen to?  Mr. Smoot is a very good speaker and gives a great talk full of fun stories that pretty much everyone can enjoy. Outside of it’s entertainment value, it’s the parallels in his message to what we hear from modern “conservative” figures today that makes it pertinent:

  1. Liberals run everything
  2. Conservatives are beat down and fighting against impossible odds.  Only official “conservative approved” media outlets can be trusted for information
  3. The country is on the verge of destruction by a secret cabal of internal enemies
  4. A small number of dedicated Patriots are doing everything they can to restore the Republic against all odds

Does this sound familiar?  Well, don’t believe me, listen for yourself:

click here to download the LP

In case you want the Cliff Notes version, at the end of the recording he makes a pitch for his friends Strom Thurmond and Barry Goldwater.

Interesting listening, eh?

Now, in case you thought the threat of Soviet Communist was made up… no it was for real.  Personally, I can’t imagine anyone other than a prison guard being excited to live in Stalin’s USSR prison state.  Stalin would have a loud-mouth bozo like myself in the Gulag in about 2 seconds flat.

Now, do you ever wonder why I only drink distilled water or rainwater and only pure grain alcohol?

So let’s present another artifact of the Cold War era: Inside A Communist Cell by ex-counterspy Karl Prussion.

commies karl_prussion








In this LP from 1961 Karl recounts how he was recruited into the Communist world and how it worked to spread its message in the US.  He became disillusioned over time and joined the FBI as a double-agent.

Click here to download the mp3’s of the LP here and listen for yourself.

From the flip side of the LP:

by ex-counterspy Karl Prussion

Karl Prussion won’t bore you with generalities. He assumes that you are aware of the Communist menace, and unless you are a Soviet agent (as all Communists are) or one of the dupes into whose hands some of these records sometimes fall, you are prepared to fight Communism. To fight it, you must know something of the nature of the enemy in your own community. The ideal place to learn that is right inside a Communist Cell. That is where Karl Prussion takes you in this dynamic, dramatic album.

Karl Prussion’s experience has been at the business end of the Communist Criminal Conspiracy. For 26 years, during almost half of which he was an undercover agent for the F.B.I., Karl followed the seditious, violent, vicious directive of the Kremlin. He pulls no punches in telling you what has happened, what is still happening, what is planned.

If you call yourself a “Liberal,” Karl will prove to you, vividly and convincingly, that the label “Liberal” is as much of a misnomer as the words “Maple Syrup” on a bottle of arsenic.

Karl Prussion was to have been a star witness at the San Francisco hearings of the House Committee on Un-American Activities at which the student riots erupted. There are those who say the very reason for the riots was to prevent presentation of the Prussion Testimony. Essentially, this album is that testimony — the words that were lost in the disgraceful, law-defying and Kremlin-directed demonstration in San Francisco.

I know Karl Prussion well. He is informed. He is articulate. He is fearless. In my own efforts to bring Communist subversion under control within California, Karl has been of priceless aid.

You won’t be very proud of certain Americans when you learn, from this record, how Karl Prussion was lured into the Communist Conspiracy, how the Communists planned to make him a Methodist minister, how he watched Red Fascism infiltrate every facet of American life from the P.T.A. to the drawing boards of missile engineers.

This is not a pretty story. But it’s honest and it’s frighteningly fraught with facts.

After you’ve heard this record, see that it is also played for friends and neighbors, particularly those who loosely speak of “witch hunts” and “red herrings,” of “reactionaries” and “civil rights.” Play it for anyone who will listen. We all know the hour is late…so late, possibly, that our only choice now is which side we die on. Karl Prussion is on God’s side. No Communist is.

Member of California Legislature
25th Assembly District
San Mateo County




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