MojoTimer for Quickbooks

A Quickbooks Timer for Mac

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Quickbooks – A very popular small business account package that many of us use.  However, there’s some things it doesn’t do so well.

Time tracking for services companies.

Intuit provides a free stand-alone timer program for Windows.  And it sucks.  Sucks hard.  And if you are on a mac running OSX, no soup for you!

A Quickbooks Timer for Mac that doesn’t suck.

Here it is for OSX.  Download now! (version 1.2.1, 71mb)

The Windows version… well, to create a Windows executable I need to either buy a $500 Windows version of Filemaker, or have a friendly nerd with said software export the executable for me.  Would that be you?  Just let me know, and we’ll make it happen.

Online help is available here.

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