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logoPushing the Limits is a collection of resources for public libraries that includes customized, online professional development about informal science learning (ISL) and public library STEM program materials.  Pushing the Limits was originally funded by the National Science Foundation in 2010 to create an initial set of four public library programs and the accompanying professional development materials.

The results of this project identified additional opportunities to broaden the role of libraries as ISL community gateways, leading to two new initiatives, Rural Gateways and PLACE.  You can read more about these projects on the site itself: http://pushingthelimits.org/

Tiki:Mojo Creative Services built the original Pushing the Limits web site, and in 2016 the vastly improved and expanded site.  The site is built on WordPress and includes a number of features to serve it’s audience of Librarians:

  • A membership management system is used to automatically direct users to the correct section of the web site for them, while also hiding the parts of the site that they don’t have permission to see.
  • Community forums run by bbPress provide participating librarians with a persistent discussion area, integrated with the membership management system.
  • Extensive professional development materials, including videos and downloadable documents.
  • Clever “mega” menus.
  • The entire site can be edited by client staff.

Pushing the Limits content was produced entirely by Dawson Media Group.  The site is available to registered members only.

Please contact us for a private demo.

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