WordPress Upgrade and Migration

Imagine you’re a small business providing online classes and in-person training events for yoga teachers. Along the way you’ve been pushing more and more stuff into the original WordPress site and now you’ve got a problem: it’s one thing to start over with an updated design but then you’ve got to migrate:

  • 4,000+ user accounts
  • 427 online training courses
  • 40+ physical products in WooCommerce
  • Training events
  • Make sure the payment process continues to function flawlessly

That’s where I came in. Do this wrong and you may have students who find they’ve lost the progress they’ve made through the training, and a whole lot of unhappy customers. Also, you don’t want to do more things manually than you have to when there’s tools out there which will do the work for you. But you also can’t trust that things “just work”. The process requires testing, a double-check, triple-check and then check it again.

I won’t go into all the details, but working with the design team at SocialPower we methodically worked through all the issues and were able to launch the much-improved new site without drama or trauma.

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